Market Profiles combines the finest innovative thinking with the best of long-term experience, based on more than 40 years in the marketplace. How? Market Profiles combines four industry-leading entities:

  • Residential Consulting and Research
  • Commercial Consulting and Research
  • Industrial Consulting and Research
  • Golf Course Feasibility and Financial Analysis

Each impressive in its own right. Together, a powerful resource to the development and building industry and related professions. Pioneering real estate research and marketing since 1968, Market Profiles has a peerless heritage and an outstanding reputation.

Our clients – builder/developers, lenders, brokers and financial institutions whose success depends upon knowing where population growth is occurring – all receive invaluable market overviews, trending, forecasting and project-specific data.

As the market has become increasingly complex, so have the needs of our clients. That’s why Market Profiles originated the concept of breaking its residential data base into Regional Market Areas and submarkets within them. A site-specific issue can be studied in context – within the fabric of its own market, surrounding submarkets, and the larger Regional Market Area. Responding to the market in 1980, Market Profiles formed a commercial/industrial research and consulting division.


Real world knowledge of the market place. What moves it. What shakes it. What makes it change course or direction, and why. That knowledge is what helps Market Profiles give the most complete and sound answers to your questions, leading to more successes and fewer uncertainties.

  • Why a supposedly “Slam dunk” opportunity is revealed as high-risk.
  • How a troubled real estate project can be put back on track.
  • Where and how a company can best achieve its development, acquisition, or growth objectives.

Market Profiles’ seasoned perspective on the market place provides the information needed for successful development and marketing programs. Not theories. Not hypotheses. But practical and accurate knowledge that points to direct, profitable action

Our greatest asset, and greatest resource to you, is our ability to keep abreast of the constantly shifting patterns of activity and opportunity that make up the tapestry of growth and development. Yet we never forget that what we have to offer has value only if it meets your needs.


Strategies underlying Market Profiles’ unique perspective on the marketplace are carefully thought out (listed below):

ONE: Market Profiles is unmatched in supervision of data collection and its input into the database. No other research firm has more experience in handling this critical function. Other research companies buy their data from US!

TWO: We know more about what the data means once it is collected. Understanding the significance of data – what the numbers say about possible opportunities or pitfalls – is one of Market Profiles’ strongest suits.

THREE: A multi-disciplinary management team. Professional experience in commercial, residential, and golf course development, land use planning, marketing/merchandising, advertising and economics, guarantees that the Market Profiles team appreciates the hard realities of the development process.

FOUR: Our staff. While we embrace technology, we never expect a computer to be a creative or intuitive problem-solver. That’s where Market Profiles really excels. We have a wealth of experience in arriving at carefully considered, workable solutions. Market Profiles’ team approach to analysis brings together professionals with a variety of perspectives to develop optimal solutions to near-, mid-, and long-term concerns.